Tragedy at LAX: Support Cesar’s widow and children

Donate to help Cesar's family

Menzies Aviation worker, Cesar Augusto ValenzuelaOn Friday February 21st, Cesar Augusto Valenzuela said goodbye to his wife, Ulbita and his two children and went to work, as usual at LAX airport, for Menzies Aviation.

None of them knew it would be their last farewell. We are still trying to piece together the facts, but we know reports say that Cesar was thrown from the baggage vehicle he was driving and struck by a cart.

Cesar's family want answers. Menzies was recently fined $95,000 by CalOSHA for safety violations including failure to meet standards for operating of powered vehicles. Some violations were so severe, they carried the risk of death or serious physical harm.

They want to know whether Cesar’s death could have been prevented, but right now, they just want to know how they will pay rent without Cesar’s paycheck. The family has already suffered too much, they shouldn’t lose even more.

His family is devastated but you can help give them the stability they need. Donate to the fund for Cesar’s widow - Ulbita Ramirez. The Money will go to support the family in this terrible time.