Yes for 4J Schools

Eugene School District 4j has placed a bond measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot. The bond would provide essential resources to replace and renovate several of the Eugene 4J District’s school buildings; provide critical building security and safety, including seismic upgrades; provide facilities that drive career and college readiness; and make gender equity and access improvements.

The $319.3 million bond represents a rate of $.66 per thousand of assessed value for District tax payers. For the average house in the Eugene 4J District, this pencils out to approximately $135 per year.

In 2002, the District made a commitment to improve inadequate and outdated school facilities, knowing it would several bond measures over 20 or more years. Currently, our District has $1 billion dollars in capital improvement needs, and this bond will help us make a significant step towards driving this number down. The proposed bond measure is a result of over 18 months of extensive review and analysis of District buildings, community feedback, cost assessments for new construction and renovation and multiple public hearings.

Specifically, the bond would:
1) Rebuild two elementary schools—Edison and Camas Ridge

2) Rebuild North Eugene High School

3) Expand Gilham Elementary School

4) Provide for school safety, security, and seismic upgrades

5) Build equitable sports facilities and make other access improvements to serve all students

6) Improve facilities for career technical education