46 for my 46th

still not just theatre...

Last year worked out so well, that I am again giving you two options for this year's birthday fundraising drive. You can give to one or both and know that your money will be well spent.

For some, the Trump presidency is making you want to double down on art, and so I offer you Flying V Theatre--our local indie theatre--whose 2018 plans include the world premiere musical based on the work of Jonathan Coulton and another premier still to be announced, along with plenty of continued development for the future and a few smaller projects.

For others, HIPS is more where you want to be putting money these days. HIPS is on the cutting edge of the Harm Reduction movement in DC as it impacts sex workers (HIPS was founded as Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive), drug users and those with HIV/AIDS. In addition to serving people in street/underground economies, HIPS is also one of the leading service providers for DC's trans community. The constituencies HIPS serves are continue to be targets of this GOP Congress and the Trump White House.

I serve as an officer for each of these great organizations and will be tickled pink if you cared to make a donation in honor of my 46th.

All contributions are tax deductible and there are no processing fees (Democracy Engine is donating those -- the joys of owning a business).

Can you help me get to 46 donors for my 46th birthday?